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Projects are configurable only by their administrators. Users with member permission over project will not be able to handle project configuration.


Allow users to set up general information about project. This information is explained below:


To configure project general information.

Project general - Project


This option allows users to configure project resources visualization by default. Options are Icons View / List View.

Project general - Explorer


Allows to set configuration to all notebooks in project. From this tab user can set numeric and date formats, styles in notebook blocks, ...

Project general - Notebook


Customized javascript, CSS or raw resources to use in project notebooks.

Project general - Resources


This tab allow users to set up global project variables, to be used in all project notebooks.

Project general - Variables


In this tab project administrators can set pre-built docker images used to run code in notebooks. A Docker Image is a lightweight, stand-alone, executable package that includes everything needed to run a piece of software, including the code, a runtime, libraries, environment variables, and configuration files.

Project workers


To add users to project. Users may have two different roles within a project (like organizations). Project members cannot access the project configuration. Project administrators will have the possibility to modify the project information, add other organization users, ...


It is important to difference between organization roles and project roles. It is possible to have users as administrators in organizations, but only with member role in projects.

Project members

From this tab, administrators can change other users' permissions and delete users from project.


As well as users, groups can be added to projects. Once a group is added to a project, all group users will be automatically added as well.


Only groups previously created in the organizations will appear.


Using group management is possible to change all group members roles by changing group role only.

Project groups

Administrator role predominates over member role. If user has member role over project and belongs to group with admin permissions, user will be administrator in practice.


Project integrations module allows project administrators to set up integrations with external services like Slack or Sentry. The integration with Slack, for example, requires a Slack Webhook. Once integrations are configured, can be used in notifications module to notify several events in a specific Slack channel.

Projects integrations


From the activity tab, the organization's administrators can monitor all project related events (changes, new users, executions, ...).

Project activity


From the API tab, project admin users can create tokens to enable seamless integration and provide your project with advanced functionality such as triggering pipeline executions and enabling automated processes.

Project API


Advanced module allows project admin users to execute some advanced operations over project.

Project advanced


This section allows you to initialise a project with a specific template. **Templates are common directory structures that help users set up projects in an easy way.


This option allows projects to be deleted**.


Project deletion cannot be undone, so make sure you want to do it.